Life Lesson: A poop joke a day keeps the class away!

This is a momentous moment, everyone. Oh yes we can definitely feel the electricity in the air as this is the first actual content that I am posting here. The plan is to keep this up three times a week on a MWF schedule, and if this proves popular I'll keep this up and perhaps change up a few things. Content will include life lessons, game reviews, and any topics of interest that I find comical. Also, despite the amazingly creative theme of the site, expect it to change in the future once I can actually create something somewhat creative.
Now here it is! A life lesson for the confused masses...

If you own anything electronic, keep it off of the ground. Look, we get it, you're just chilling on the floor and you need to quickly get up to go pee, to go eat your weed*, or to go poop. You'll be back in a second is what your tell yourself, however in those few precious seconds you're exposing your highly important, useful electronic device or Nook to the trampling feet of stupid people who don't watch where they are walking. Also, your dog may poop on it.

*I do not condone the usage of drugz. That said, weed is eaten like salad, right? I don't know these things.


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