Flash Flood #2: Mario's Damned Awesome

For Nintendo, the mustachioed man is probably one of their most prized franchises, plastering the iconic man on everything from ridiculous sports games to great 3D platform games. So it's no surprise to find entire websites containing lists of Mario related flash games. For this week's Flash Flood, I've picked out three games that you will definitely enjoy, check them out after the jump.

There's not much of an introduction this time guys and for good reason: These games are damned awesome. Not your run-of-the-mill regular awesome, mind you, like that last bit of chocolate at the bottom of your ice cream cone awesome, but damned awesome. These games are completely beyond awesome that if you were to describe them as such, you ought to be shot much like a mallard duck taking flight. If you weren't a fan of last week's content, then you will surely love what's ahead right after this sentence (To access game, simply click it's related image).

Super Mario Smash Flash 2

Yes. YES! Oh hell yes. Take a moment to bask in it's glory. Finished? Good. Now here are the controls:

W- Jump
A - Move Left
S - Duck
D - Move Right

U- Grab
I - Shield (+ A/S/D/Falling in Air= Dodge)
O- Attack (+ W= Air Attack/Recovery)
P - Attack (+ A/S/D= Smash Attack)

The Super Mario Bros series has always been awesome, and despite it's flaws, the most recent title of Super Smash Bros. Brawl has become the only game that many continue to play on their Wii consoles. This flash game removes many major problems from SSBB like the tripping mechanic, being on the Wii, input delay and replaces it with damned awesome stuff like Goku and Naruto that you will never see in an actual Smash Bros title.

This is hands down the best flash game that I have played to date, and you can bet your drug money that I will be covering this in the future as its developers push out newer versions. Is it original? No. Is it damned awesome? Yes. Is Nintendo happy about it? I imagine not. But who cares, you're too busy kicking Sora's ass with motherfucking Mega Man.

Cat Mario

So maybe something is very wrong with you and you're not into Smash Bros. Perhaps you like serious challenge with your games. You're the guy who not only owns Dark Souls and Demon Souls, you spend your free time painstakingly beating every level in Super Meat Boy to magically achieve a higher than 100% completion rating. If you're that guy then prepare to become best friends with Cat Mario. 

If you're not that guy, then don't play Cat Mario unless you crave death's embrace at the ripe old age of 24. Cat Mario is seriously frustrating and that difficult, beyond anything Nintendo hard. Hey now, if you think that you can handle it then I applaud you, brave gamer, for you are made of tougher stuff than me. Go right on ahead and give Cat Mario a shot, I'm not gonna stop you, just don't expect to win.

In fact, I challenge you: If you are able to beat the first level without the use of Satanic ritual, then brag about it in the comments section below so that I may personally congratulate you and learn all of your secrets.

I've downloaded the game days ago (The download link located here is safe if you prefer to download it), and I'm still stuck on the first level. Holy shit, it's so hard that it's like trying to push out a square-shaped shit hard, just holy fuck.

How many of us way-back-when were playing Super Mario Bros. on the NES were thinking, "This game could really use space altering portals."? No one? Exactly, and that's what makes Mari0 so damned cool. If you've played the amazing puzzle game, Portal, then you'll know how to use your handy Portal gun to your advantage, teleporting the world's worst plumber (Have you ever seen Mario actually plumb anything? Exactly) all across the Mushroom Kingdom in his attempt of rescuing that harlot of a princess, Peach. Though deceptively simple, the addition of such a tool in Super Mario really does pay dividends in the fun factor

For those of you that haven't played Portal, well you either hate videogames or you are probably a cat. If the latter, I'm intrigued, how in the hell did you navigate to this site?

If you found this selection of videogames anywhere near damned awesome, be sure to share the love with your friends with the share links to the left and directly below this post. If you do, I promise nudes in the next post! :D


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