Flash Flood #1: Duckmageddon

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It's the year 2004. You log into cartoonnetwork.com to play free-to-play flash games because bored.com's yo momma jokes grew stale after eight long years somehow. It was time where we thrived on those easy to pick up and play indie games, long before online gaming meant being called a shitlicker over Xbox Live. Join me on a weekly journey through the fantastic world of indie games. Free to play and delightfully fun, let this be our first Flash Flood.

First, let's set the mood; start the record player with some sweet Marvin Gaye, dim the lights, unleash the duck horde, etc. You know, "setting the mood".

Oh yeah, I can tell by the confused look that you're wearing right now that you are definitely ready for this (To play any of the following games, simply click the related screenshot).

Gravity Duck 2
Gravity Duck 2

  • The first thing that lets you know that this is a great flash game is the title music: It's upbeat and fun, much like the game itself. It's a puzzler wear you must alter gravity to help your adorable duck reach the goal, avoiding spikes and lasers along the way. Is it challenging? Nope. Is it stylish and fun? Yup.

Duck Shooter 
Killing all of the ducks game

  • Okay, so you're more of a FPS kind of guy or gal and adorable duck games aren't your thing, and you really need to shoot things between sessions of MW3. I understand, and PMI has you covered with Duck Shooter, a game that thrusts you into the middle of a photo realistic environment to give hell to some ducks because why not? It's important to note here that this is titled Duck Shooter as opposed to Duck Hunter, suggesting that the character you play as is just some asshole going around murdering waves of enemy ducks in the Everglades (Which is kinda of awesome). Heh, it has more in common with MW3 than initially suspected. 

Charlie The Duck
Super Mario-Sonic the Duck

  • Let's see: Cute visuals? Check. Super Mario/Sonic the Hedgehog "inspired" gameplay? Check. Duck? Check. If there is any one game from this list that you ought to play it's this one. It's impressively smooth and the controls are slick. All you really need to complete it is some bitchin' background music (That's right, it features no BGM) and you're all set to stomp some -- well they're not Goombas because that'd be copyright infringement, and everyone knows that no one infringes on copyright on the internet. Why, that would be illegal! I'll just call them brownies. So rock out to some great music and curb stomp you some brownies, it's all good fun.

Duck Tales 2
Scrooge McDuck can kick some ass actually

  • Ah, a classic. Sort of. If you remember this game then this flash version will make just leak buckets of nostalgia goo. Now, as a dumb person I could not get passed the first level. Not only am I generally terrible at videogames, I could not dodge those damned monkeys that are constantly spawning to, what I assume, to steal Scrooge McDuck's money. From what I have played of it, however, this game serves as a fine example of just how far games have come in the last 19 years. Try it out.
So there you have it, a bunch of duck flash games to satisfy your sick duck desire and flash games. I'm kidding, though I promise that you won't see animal themed posts in the future, unless it's about a badass animal like the vampire squid from hell, or giraffe.

If you enjoyed this post and/or any of the games listed above, then be sure to share the duck love with your friends. If you do share the love, I will personally show up at your doorstep, covered head to toe in peanut butter, ready and willing. 


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