Flash Flood #3: Russians and Explosions

What would you do if totally-not-Russian bears launched a military campaign to take over your city? "That sounds completely retarded," I imagine you saying right now. But please understand that in a world where Super Smash Bros can be remade by fans into a 100%, damned awesome flash game, anything is possible. That is why I bring to you now three more flash games, and yes, there are bears (As usual simply click the related image to play the game).

Save Our City

If you answered "Kill their bombs" to the above question, then boy are you in luck. Your aim in Save Our City is to exercise your 'Murican right to bear arms (HEY-O!) to shoot the falling bombs (For my Russian readers, uh... Vodka?) It's a simple concept that Save Our City shakes up a bit with purchasable upgrades to your and with a very nice art style that reminds me of Rock of Ages. This game is so much fun that with a bit of fleshing out, I think it would make a great game on the 3DS. To enhance the fun, try listening to Call of Duty: World at War's Red Army Theme while playing it. Trust me, it's all awesome.


Bearing a title that is literally painful to pronounce, Indestruc2Tank is definitely a weird game. You control that sadly tan colored tank shown above with the left and right arrow keys, and your goal is to get shot by the enemy helicopters. "But that sounds completely retarded!", you say again despite how rude of a thing that is to say. Please, allow me to explain. When your Indestructotank is hit with a missile, you will be sent bouncing into the air where you can collide with enemy helicopters and jets to achieve combos for max points. See, now it makes much more sense!

It doesn't, but you know what? The game runs with impressive smoothness and its fun is addictive, so if you to give it a chance you may just love it.

Okay, I'll admit that including this puzzle game in a group all about exploding things is pushing it, but I really wanted to show you guys Boomshine. Of all of the flash games currently showcased on PMI, this one is perhaps the most pure of them all in that it's easy to play, simple in style, and most importantly, addictive. Your goal in this game is to cause an explosion with the click of the mouse that will begin a chain reaction. Each level has a goal of X-amount of chain explosions that you must cause, meaning that you'll need sharp timing if you wish to be successful. I remember playing this way-back-when and I am happy to report that it's still a great time-waster, so go knock yourself out.

So there ya' have, three flash games all about explosions [sic]. This week's list of flash games are better suited for those stretches of boredom that you experience when you know that you've been on the internet for more than what's considered healthy.

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