Video Game Review: Just Dance 4 (PS3)

That's one small step for dance, and one giant leap for the obsolescence of going outside.
In modern times filled with gamePads and Boxstation 4's, the idea of moving our bodes for ten goddamned minutes grows evermore unappealing. This trend makes sense considering that there's no achievements or trophies to be had by going outside, and developer-publisher Ubisoft agrees. Ubisoft also thought Mirror's Edge was a good idea but that's neither here nor there. Kidding, it's right here actually and it's a bloody terrible video game.

With the first release of Just Dance in 2009, Just Dance 4 is one of the latest installments released in 2012 for Wii, Wii U, PS3, Xbox 360, and later the PS4 and XBO. There is currently a newer title, Just Dance 2014, but really Just Dance 4 is perfectly fine for bringing the joy of dancing to your living room, saving you from the minimal effort filled process of attending a dance class in person.

How It Works

Unlike the once prevalent Dance Dance Revolution, the Just Dance series takes party games beyond simply stepping in four directions and pretending that means anything to anyone. No, with Just Dance, you need to move your entire body as the onscreen dancer moves his to score maximum points and maximum fun. Like so!

The game uses visual cues and grades such as "OK" and "PERFECT" to score your accuracy and energy used to nail each move as the song goes along. Truth be told, the Wii and PS3 versions are perhaps the weakest versions to own as the game will only measure for the correct placement of your right hand as opposed to your entire body as in the Xbox One and PS4 versions. But according to the following and oddly captivating advertisement, you really shouldn't let that stop you from purchasing Just Dance 4 for those consoles if you own either one.

Everything Works! Sorta.

Outside of the inherent fun in dancing, what impresses most about this game is just how well it works with the PlayStation Move controller and PlayStation Eye camera. I'll write up my review on the peripherals another time, but for the most part the combination works as expected for Just Dance 4.

There are times, though, where the combination shows it's lack of finesse. Sometimes when I'm shaking my groove thing, the game will score my dance move a low "OK" rating despite my flawless execution. It is hugely unsatisfying for a video game to not recognize the greatness in perfectly popping, locking and dropping it to Rick Astley's Never Gonna Give You Up.

I have no idea why the on screen dancer is dressed like this for
Rick Astley's Never Gonna Give You Up but I like it.

Then again, the focus of the game is to dance and have fun, not achieving high scores. So if your heart's in the right place, the lack of accuracy in the PS3/Wii versions when compared to the newer consoles will most definitely will be no problem at all. And that is what makes Just Dance 4 so awesome: it's essentially flawless. You can be as competitive as you want through playing a battle mode where you must serve your friend one on one, or as silly as you want through the dance mash up mode which is as awesome as it sounds. How ever you approach this title, you will have a wonderful time. Ubisoft set out to make an addictive, fun, colorful, and silly party and dance game and they just that. Kudos, Ubisoft, Just Dance 4 almost makes up for the turd basket that is Mirror's Edge.

Just Dance, It's Gonna Be Okay

Bottom line: if you like to dance, you will enjoy Just Dance 4. There's plenty of fun to be had between the 40 or so songs on disc and 20 or so more available through paid DLC. The most awesome part is the fun grows the more people you have to join in as you boogie. Each console version of Just Dance 4 supports four players and the Xbox One version gains an exclusive 6 player dance option. This combined with the Xbox One's superior body tracking over the other versions, excluding the PS4, makes it the Just Dance 4 version to go for.

Thankfully, each version has this song
and dance available for purchase and download.
If you're looking for a dance and party game that pleases anyone of any dance skill, this is the title for you. The appeal of this party game lies in your willingness to get jiggy with it and just dance. And for that, you simply can't beat iiiitttt.


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