Video Game Review: Okami HD (PSN)

Refreshingly good!

When I first played this game, one could say that I walked away impressed but quite frustrated. It's no secret that my level of patience lies somewhere between none-at-all and the depths of hell, but I am pleased to say that Okami has won me over across its 30 hour-plus campaign in more ways than one.

Unfortunately-ish, my first impression review was too comprehensive for it's own good, and could stand on its own as a review of Okami. So instead of repeating the same things to you, I will keep this brief and simply present to you three reasons why Okami is totally worth a spot on your video game bucket list.

3. Motion Control Support

Spoiler alert: I am a complete Wiitard. When Nintendo's Wii came out almost a decade ago (!), I lost my marbles and I fell in love with the Wiimote and nunchuck set up. Awesomely, Sony released their own version dubbed the Move controller, and when combined with the PlayStation Eye camera, the Move controller allows you similar control in supported video games as if they were being played on a Wii console.

For Okami HD, that means you can perform paint brush strokes that allow you to do such creative things as blow your enemies and/or set them on fire. The paint brush stroke techniques are not exclusive to the Move and PlayStation Eye set up, but I more than love the feature on the PS3. Performing the brush strokes quickly and smoothly becomes easier with the Move controller, and you're able to get that much closer to knowing what it's like to kill a man demon.

2. Its Zelda But With a Wolf And Better Control

I hate Zelda games. There, I said it. But ya know what? I like Okami HD. It is as if Okami HD presents a sort of exactness in control that Zelda games seem to lack. Keep in mind that the most recent Zelda title that I have played, though, was Twilight Princess on the Wii console and it made me want to kill myself.

On the other hand, Okami makes me want to desperately become a Japanese man. Here we have two highly similar video games that can illicit opposite reactions from gamers due to differences in art style and control. In other words, if you like me (I am so sorry) and Zelda games make you want to jump head first down a flight of stairs, give Okami a shot. It's the same action adventure gameplay that makes Zelda so popular combined with sexy art and better control that anyone will be able to appreciate.

There was supposed to be an Okami gameplay video inserted here but I was unable to find one suitable for this review. Instead, enjoy this song.

1. There's This Kick Ass Part Where You Have To Get Your Enemy Drunk Before You Cut That Bastard's Head Off

It's pretty sick.

And there you have it, three more reasons why you ought to place Okami HD on your video game bucket list. By the way, dearest reader, future first impressions will be limited to only video games with ridiculous amounts of content like GTA V or Dark Souls. Until then, be sure to tell your friends all about Plus Minus Infinity on Facebook and on the twitters!


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