Accessory Review: Pelican Dual Triggers (PS3)

Spend ten dollars, get new controller! Sort of.

If you own a Play Station 3, chances are that you have a pretty decent stack of shooting games. While the DualShock 3 controller is perfectly usable for the task of shooting people, its design quirks can prove to be a nuisance over longer gaming sessions.

Behold, A Solution!

Enter the Pelican Dual Triggers accessory for the Dual Shock 3. Included in its unassuming package are two silicone caps for the analogue sticks and, arguably more important, two trigger enhancements for the shoulder buttons. There have been similar products released throughout the healthy years of the PlayStation 3's reign but this is the first time I've found a product in a brick store cheaper than one large carry out pizza from Pizza Hut. I immediately bought the product despite going shopping for wine and Swiffer WetJet cleaning solution, ending the bane of my DualShock 3's slippery nibs, worn raw by my gross fingers.

Pictured here with one of the included silicone caps,
you can see how raw my left nub is.

Ridges for Her

The silicone caps have ridges pressed into them for extra thumb traction. In practice, they feel no more grippy than a new DualShock 3's control sticks, but that is still a good thing considering a new DS3 costs more than the better half of one hundred USD at the time of this review's writing. Unfortunately, the silicone caps are not concave as I prefer, but this will not prove to be an issue until her ridges are worn out of the silicone caps from aggressive manhandling.

Trigger Happily

For the trigger happy lot of gamers, the so called trigger enhancements will probably yield the most benefit from this purchase. As you can see below, they have a considerable outward curve that can yield more reliable in game control. The attachment allows you to use your middle fingers to support the controller via the trigger buttons, a feat made awkward at best without the trigger enhancements. The ability to grasp the DS3 in such a position reduces the distance your hands must stretch across the controller, giving you more reliable comfort when maneuvering the control sticks.

Some say the trigger enhancements' curve was
modeled after a naked woman lying on a Venetian beach.

I don't personally see it.

Oddly enough, the trigger enhancements are not covered in the same grippy silicone as the silicone caps. I am not aware of any competing product that does cover the trigger enhancements in a grippy material, but that would make them even more useful none-the-less. As they are, long term gaming comfort is compromised for better control. That, dearest readers, brings me onto this accessory's downsides.

Close to Perfect

For one, the bottom edges of the silicone caps will often catch onto controller itself, making smooth movements along the outer edges difficult to perform and, lets be honest, unless you are an avid fan of shooting games, you probably will not see much benefit from this accessory. That new gripping position this accessory allows you to use on your DS3 I mentioned earlier? For some, the large trade off in comfort for a decent amount of control may not warrant the cost of the product. That matters when your product is designed for a controller that's not entirely ergonomically sound.

But you know what? This product doesn't cost much money at all to begin with. Consider its widespread availability and tangible benefit for those who are avid fans of shooting games, and it becomes difficult to hold any fault against it. For the Play Station 3 gamer that has ever longed for actual trigger buttons on their DualShock 3, and with a price that undercuts competing accessories, pulling the trigger on the Pelican Dual Triggers will be shockingly easy.

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