Happy Anniversary PlayStation 3!

Nothing turns me on more than a well executed year of gaming, with exception Redhead Day, and I owe it all my beloved Sony PlayStation 3. It is time now to look back. Happy one year anniversary PS3!

Love At First Sight

One year ago today I met up with some friends and I bought a used PS3 from a small video game store. "Dude was this even in your budget?" My friend quipped.
"Why of course it is. See? Look." I cupped my hands near my pocket, my buddy leaning in for a closer look. "BA-DA-BOOM!" I revealed a middle finger. "This is all I need to balance my budget, sucka. Now shut up and lets go play some video games."
"You suck."
"Naw I don't. Well... Ha, yes I suppose I do. But am I sucking in this context? No, I am not." I proceeded to pay the clerk for my used PS3. "I'm going to take reeaall good care of this." I left the clerk with a wink. I hope he liked that.

Moving on, I've never received more utils out of two hundred bucks before, community college courses be damned. The Wii console I've once owned comes close, but its low powered hardware tended to spoil my gaming experience. Besides, my Wii console was dead at the time I purchased my PS3. That story, by the way, is quite the tale that PMI must share at another time, involving blood, screaming, and fists.

Point is, the alien technological power of the PS3 reawakened my high expectations of video games, an outlook numbed by the Wii console. The PS3's magnificence unsheathed this deep urge within me, insatiable and irresistible, leading to a bond stronger than love. I remember caressing that system's cold, plastic body in my palms the first night before the act became ritual. "Could you truly be the ultimate gaming console, baby?" I seriously weirded out that store clerk, it was hilarious.

A New Beginning 

I raced home to find the answer. Side note: I was allegedly in a car wreck on my way home. I offer my sincerest apologies to the green '96 Camaro motorist, but you were in my way quite frankly. I also didn't appreciate the curses you screamed, as if it was my fault that I rear-ended you as you were going only 20 mph in a school zone like an asshole. Regardless, I forgive you and your mullet so forgive me for not stopping to see if you and your kids were okay. My PS3 was okay, so that's good news. You can send your insurance information to me at Z-Double-O-M, Box 3-5-0, Boston, Mass 0-2-1-3-4 and I will send you mind the moment I purchase car insurance.

Finally, I made it home and oh boy, let me tell you, those first ten or so hours I spent playing on the PS3 were the longest I've gone without providing release to my bowel movements. I couldn't get enough of how awesome it was, what with all the pixels and an online service not from the late 90s. Incredible! With every trigger pull in Call of Duty and with every eyeball stab in Assassin's Creed, my love for the console grew much like the poop growing in my belly at the moment. "No way this will ever get old," I thought when pushing what felt like a coin purse full of half dollars out of my butt.

If you don't remember half-dollars,
you probably had a decent childhood regardless of the fact.

The Now!

Fast forward to today and I can say my PS3 has aged quite well. I am still playing the hell out of it and loving every second. Allow me to share my lovely filled-to-the-brim game box, dearest reader.

There's an empty space as I rearranged things for the photo.
Rest assured this box is ready to bust at any given notice.

My game box has collected 56 video games since last year, with 30 of those belonging to my PlayStation 3. That equates to 2.6 newly bought PS3 games per month for the last 12 months. That's enough video games that, when melted down, I could make an effigy of myself to marry. Wow!

My owned PS3 games list is as follows:

  1. Just Dance 4
  2. Resistance: Fall of Man
  3. Resistance 2
  4. Resistance 3
  5. Red Dead Redemption
  6. Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare
  7. Far Cry 3
  8. Call of Duty: Black Ops
  9. Call of Duty: World at War
  10. Call of Duty: Black Ops 2
  11. Call of Duty: Ghosts
  12. Journey
  13. Thomas Was Alone
  14. Sonic Adventure
  15. Mirror's Edge
  16. Deus Ex: Human Revolution
  17. Dishonored
  18. Mass Effect
  19. Mass Effect 2
  20. Mass Effect 3
  21. Heavy Rain
  22. Battlefield 3
  23. Need for Speed: Most Wanted
  24. Assassin's Creed
  25. Assassin's Creed: Revelations
  26. Assassin's Creed III
  27. PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royal
  28. Medal of Honor: Warfighter 
  29. Grand Theft Auto V
  30. Skyrim
Reading that list brings back a lot of fond memories. Remember Sonic Adventure? I sure remember Sonic Adventure. That was great. Oh, and so was Mass Effect and Assassin's Creed, and you know what? Each of those titles were multiplatform titles where similar experiences could be found on other systems. Sure there are some PS3 exclusives but as far as I'm concerned, each PS3 exclusive I've played at the time of this writing has been terrible. I also remember the PS3's dreadfully slow menu system, and how the featureless friends menu  was nothing more than an extreme disappointment. Compared to the Xbox 360, the PS3's online friends features fall short, failing like the brakes of that green '96 Camaro I rear ended.

Of course, those quibbles never stopped me from pouring more than 1,500 USD into this system. That includes a host of accessories such as the Pelican Dual Triggers and a few headsets. Combine the insanely wide range of accessories with the PS3's full HD output capability, admirable processing power, and solid reliability, and you have yourself one happy gamer.

¡Al infinito y más allá!

Take a look at the games that I am planning on buying for my PS3 in the near future.
  1. Gran Turismo 6
  2. Borderlands 2
  3. The Unfinished Swan
  4. Uncharted: Drake's Fortune
  5. Uncharted 2: Among Thieves
  6. Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception
What I find most surprising here is that I was privileged enough to enjoy an entire year without giving up on my gaming  habit, and I plan on buying more games for better or for worse. Despite life dicking me pretty good towards the beginning of this year, my PS3 soldiered on with me. At the push of a button, the console transformed from an entertainment powerhouse and into an escape pod, blasting me from the doo doo mudslide Slurpee that is life into exciting, imaginative worlds. I am not exaggerating when I say this PS3 may have saved my life.

That said, thank you, Sony, for creating such a wonderful product. Is it truly the ultimate gaming console? No, but also yes. What with a controller presumably designed by mischievous elves and the aforementioned, PITA friends and slow moving menu systems, it will never become the end-all of gaming consoles. But boy it sure as hell comes close. For me, at least, it's as close to perfection a video game console can dream to be. So I raise a glass to you, PlayStation 3! Here's to another fun year of pressing that power button to game on. May your laser disc reader shine forever bright.

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  1. What a great story! Reading how you got your PS3 and how you spent your first day with it really made me burst in the seams. Hahaha! I'd have to admit, I can definitely relate with your affections for your PS3. I've been a PlayStation fan since the PSX was released in the late 90's. We pretty much have the same games in my stash, with a few odd ones. Anyway, thank you for sharing your thoughts. Happy gaming!

    Alison Henderson @ Scorpion Computers

    1. That you've enjoyed this post so much has me all tingly n happy! I super-appreciate the response and good feelings, man, they can really make my night sometimes. You know, if what you say is true, then we are both lovers of AAA, big budget video games. That is fine, but lately, I've noticed that I hardly have any "indie titles" or "B-video games" in my collection. Do you own any video games you'd consider "B" or "indie"?


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