Freedom Planet (PC)

An excellent example of how 2D platformers can be masterpieces in their own right. 
Just who do you think I am!? Oh right, I forgot to introduce myself. I am David "Dmechanic" Vazquez, a jack of all trades and a huge nerd. I'm a new addition around here and I will tell the worst jokes you have ever heard. Dad level jokes.

Freedom Planet is a fast paced and challenging 2D platformer. As soon as you press start you are thrown into the game with a quick tutorial. That's it. There's no hand holding here. The controls are smooth and the animations are even smoother, keeping up with the fast, Sonic the Hedgehog gameplay elements. Those elements are not subtle in the slightest, as you will see, but Freedom Planet still maintains it's own identity.

You'll play as the spunky dragon, Lilac, a wild cat named Carol, and the brave basset hound, Milla. Each has their own unique abilities to fight off the alien invasion of their home world. Lilac has a signature flying air dash and Carol can smash her enemies to bits with swift kicks and a motorcycle. Milla can double jump and throw a jelly cube of energy. It's a nice, imaginative touch that keeps things fresh. Also, when you play as each character you'll experience the story from new angles, learning more about the enemy's origin and their home world of Avalice. Story wise, it's no Uncharted, but it's more in-depth than your average Sonic the Hedgehog. 

You will die pretty often if your movement isn't decisive. You can't think too much or react too late, you gotta keep dashing forward, quickly choosing a path to stick with while kicking some alien butt. Otherwise, you'll meet a pretty unforgiving game. It's not quite a rogue-like, but it is the very definition of challenging fun. Those that enjoy conducting no death play through, rejoice! 

As you play the game you will see and hear how much love was baked into it's design. There are numerous well placed Easter eggs and allusions to discover. Freedom Planet is a shining example of how awesome 2D platformers can be in our modern times of complex, 3D gaming.  
Admittedly, Freedom Planet owes a lot of it's awesome to Sonic the Hedgehog as it's main source of inspiration. However, there is no doubt that the game stands well on it's own with surprising character development, an engaging story, and challenging gameplay. You can buy it now for $14.99 on the developer's site, on Steam, and there will be a Wii U version coming August 20 


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