HuniePop (PC)

Exactly like Simon Says but with Simon requiring you to ask it out on a date, to remember facts of its life, and to play puzzle games for money in order to ask it out on more dates.
The Game

A special blend of dating simulator and Candy Crush puzzles, you'll earn Hunie to level up your traits to earn more points during dates. To get Hunie, you gotta tap the honeys, of course! By showering the ladies in gifts and other things, you earn Hunie. Before you even begin to woo any lady, however, you must play puzzles for money to buy said gifts, which is the most normal part of this game.

Playing puzzles with a friendly sex fairy named Kyu: Normal.

You will also be put on the spot with quizzes on your knowledge of facts of any given lady. Don't worry though, if you do forget something about any of the women, they'll let you know how much you suck as you fail the date.
These women have odd standards.

If you're like me when you start, you will have forgotten everything the magical fairy told you to do and struggle while you learn through trial and error what to do. After some possible, initial frustration, you're in for a pretty fun game that will make you bust a gut laughing at the hilarious, sometimes awkward, writing. Further pluses include HuniePop's easy to navigate user interface, it's thematically fitting art, and it's enjoyable voice acting. 

Did I forget to mention that if you fail a date the next one will be more difficult and frustrating than the last? It's not a long game once you know what you're doing, but if you mess up, the consequences are real. Regardless, it's an entertaining experience unlike what you might normally play over a weekend. That said, let's take a brief examination of the women of HuniePop, shall we?
The Ladies

These are all women, not girls, I'd like to stress.
You have the adorable Beli, who enjoys yoga and nature. Audrey the loud, obnoxious, and abrasive mega bitch. Kyanna the sporty Latina who enjoys her job as a hairdresser and working out. Tiffany who is a perky, fun loving blonde cheerleader and loves her university. The laid back Aiko who enjoys naps and gambling when she isn't working as a professor. The sultry Jessie who enjoys her "entertainment" career and loves all things Christmas. The shy Nikki who absolutely loves video games and spending time indoors. The lovely Lola who enjoys a good cup of coffee and traveling to new places. As you'll see in the video below, each has a tangible, unique personality that keeps things laughable.

There are a few more ladies for you to find on your own, but we can't leave out the magical sex fairy who started it all: Kyu. She'll help you on your dates with the ladies, using her sex to sex. Now if you're looking for more challenge, you can unlock ALPHA MODE by collecting all of the panties from the ladies like a real creep and giving them to Kyu. What she does with them is none of our business, but maybe the authorities ought to know about it. 

Although it's difficult to notice, this game has heaps of soft core porn, so we recommend this for those 18 years of age and older. Any younger and our impressionable youth risk mental scars from HuniePop's lack of obscene violence, gore, and drug references.

The Buy?

Are you male? Female? Dolphin? Who cares! This game can be fun for everyone looking for something different and challenging to play. You can buy it on for $10.00 or on Steam for $9.99, but for the one cent difference show them some love and buy it from their site. If you enjoyed this game keep an eye out for their upcoming hit called HunieCam Studio!


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