Undertale (PC)

Are you looking to fall in love with quirky, silly characters? Do you long for the feel of classic pixel games from your youth? Isn't this an annoying format of questioning? Then great! I have the perfect video game for you this spooky month!*


There is so much to this game that you'll need more than one play through to enjoy it all. The strangest part is you can choose to never kill anyone or go nuts and kill everyone on sight. Each encounter includes a unique way to spare an enemy if you're willing to find out how to grant mercy. Even the bosses you'll battle could simply be friends you haven't met yet.

Did I mention the puzzles? Oh the many puzzles! The characters are well written and each have a wonderful design to truly define who they are. The music is amazing throughout the entire experience, never skipping a beat to perfectly sell the classic gaming theme. The art style of course perfectly completes this feel of a classic RPG.

Control wise, there are no surprises besides the option to play with a joystick but I found using a good ol' keyboard and mouse doesn't mar the classic experience at all. The combat can be very challenging, fun, and hilarious in Undertale. Each encounter is like a mini game where you have to dodge the bullets of a monster's attack between any action you have taken.

Your choice of actions are: FIGHT, ACT, ITEM, and MERCY. Choosing to ACT may not always be the easiest since each monster will have their own set of circumstances to meet before being spared, but it will definitely have you thinking on your feet while giving you a laugh or two if/when you fail at defeating an enemy.

Having A Good Time

Overall, this is a fun experience with an awesome, classic vibe. Undertale is available for purchase on Steam for around 10 bucks. Thinking about how much fun you will have, fills you with determination!

*This was supposed to be posted in October but PMI's editor is a dolt.


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