Titanfall 2 Monarch's Reign DLC Reaction and Thoughts

This DLC looks awesome, basically.

Hello, InfiniKnights, hope you’re all enjoying a grand Memorial Day weekend! Hermes The Good here, and I’m gunna be honest, weather down here really sucks. I was looking forward to a Veteran’s event that got canceled because of stormy skies, and that can be a real shot to morale. Luckily, I discovered a little pick me up: the Monarch’s Reign DLC got a new trailer! The DLC releases this coming Tuesday on June 6th.

For those who aren’t in the loop, Titanfall 2 has received a fair amount of updates and free DLC, but this marks the first new Titan to be introduced into the multiplayer. This is a significant point in the life cycle of the game’s online multiplayer and LZ and I will break down the trailer to discuss various points. We may come back to it after the DLC releases and see how on the nose we were.

Yes, also some funny jokes.

Go ahead and give the video a look, enjoy it, consider buying Titanfall 2 (its awesome) if you haven’t already, and then join us below.

The Trailer as a Whole

Hermes the Good: Out of all the trailers for games released this year and last, I think this is the most exciting one I’ve seen, and that’s pretty significant. It literally makes me giddy. From a film maker’s perspective, it has a brief set up and then jumps right to the action. It sets up and displays the items the DLC is adding very well, with no break in the combat, and concludes with gore.


No, Al Gore, I wasn’t calling for you. Go away.

I love it. What do you think, LZ?

LZ Schneider: 
Unlike half of my reviews, I agree that the trailer is very to the point and covers all of the updates very well. I have to admit, though, I've yet to see a bad trailer for a video game. In fact, there way too many times where the trailer ends up better than the actual game. Thankfully, Respawn doesn't do this to us and the trailer's got me all sorts of pumped up for Tuesday. It would've been cool for the DLC to drop on Monday seeing as I have that day off but okay then, Respawn, Tuesday works.

Now You See Me Assassination 

LZ Schneider:
I love a face stabbing as much as the next guy, but this seems underwhelming. It could've been something funny like the Pilot taps the enemy on the shoulder. As the enemy turns around, the cloak dissipates and you use a knife to pull a grenade pin on the enemy before drop kicking him away to explode. But oh well, another face stabbing assassination will do.

Hermes The Good:
The grenade pin idea is grand. And it would be hilarious to drop an enemy from a tower and watch him go off like a firework.

Overall, not really a fan of the execution. Next to Curb Check, Inner Pieces, Late Hit, and Get to the Point, it just seems… Boring. Why does the enemy pilot react like a grunt with feeble human eyes? At least it’s free, and now Cloak Pilots have something to pair with Cloaking. I guess that’s a plus.

Remastered Map Relic 

Hermes the Good:
This map was, by far, my favorite in the first Titanfall game. I love how the inner carcass of the ship turned into a hot spot of Titan combat while the pilots scurried about in the rafters. It was frantic, and the map often felt bigger than it needed to be since all the action was so centralized.

But, Titanfall 1 wasn’t optimized for the momentum of Titanfall 2, and I’m not certain how well it will play. The routes may be amazing, or they may suck. I can’t tell.

LZ Schneider:
I have no doubt that this map will work well in TF2. Relic had plenty of verticality and wall running areas that grappling hooks lovers will surely take advantage of. If the remastered version of my map Colony is any indication, Respawn won't make any big changes to Relic's design. As far as I'm concerned, the more TF1 maps in TF2, the better.

Tone Prime 


LZ Schneider:
The prime versions of Titans are reskins that add a new look, Titan AI voice, and a new execution animation for a price. I've never been a fan of Tone as it's more of a go-to Titan to help newer or lower skilled Pilots get kills without too much effort, so Tone Prime can go kindly fuck itself, design be damned.

Hermes the Good:
It looks like a chicken, and that execution is so uncreative.

What Tone actually looks like.

Did I mention that it looks like a chicken?

Tone, trying to be cool. 

The new Titan: Monarch

Hermes: Holy spoon fed badassery. Not only is this thing named after my favorite super villain, but it even feels more like a Titan/Pilot pair thanks to the inclusion of your pilot in the execution. I love how the titan opens the chassis long enough for the enemy pilot to go, “Hey, wait a second!” and then slams it back closed.

Me, cuddling with my wife, watching the trailer. Yes, I’m Yoda levels of ugly.

Poor LZ, you don’t realize how annoyed you’ll be when I start doing Venture Bros. impersonations mid-combat.

Favorite. Villain. Ever.

I’m not sure how I feel about what the Monarch will do to the overall balance of the Titans. She seems overtly too survivable, she can jack batteries which kind of undercuts teamwork, and what’s with that second execution? It looks great, but what decides which one she will use?

LZ Schneider:
It's about time. DLC after DLC we were forced to endure pilot vs pilot game modes, tighter, 3-lane maps exclusive to those Titanless modes so I am absolutely ecstatic to see Monarch enter the fray. Her core ability is the only tactical, passive one there is so it's bound to shake up the dynamic of online play. Oh boy do I hope she's a good counter to Tone, god I hate the Tone. That son of a bitch.

Her execution where she steals an enemy's battery is especially awesome.

Ronin Prime 

LZ Schneider:

He definitely looks better than the regular Titan, but there's no shaking those weird chicken legs and orangutan arms. Also, the animation of Ronin swinging his sword looks absolutely ridiculous and it sucks that his new execution only spotlights the silliness. At least the regular, badass execution isn't going anywhere. Also, Respawn adds new voices to the AI of the Prime Titans, so hoping Ronin Prime comes equipped with an Australian accent.

Hermes the Good:
Orangatang arms. Ha! And he looks like he is doing a little dance with the prime execution. Overall, I think the prime version actually looks better than the regular Ronin who looks like turkey with a sword. His arms are armored and actually look powerful and functional. His execution, however, might not cut it for me. It looks cool, but why does the sword phase through the enemy Titan instead of lobbing off pieces? I might stick with his standard, Highlander style downward thrust.

What will they do with all the old Ronins now that everyone will probably use Ronin Prime instead?

Featuring: A retired Ronin.

Personally, I’d have preferred something involving Ronin’s phase shift. Like, phase shifting behind the enemy Titan, and leaving his sword in the enemy Titan’s cockpit, like a really forgetful surgeon.

Final Thoughts

Hermes the Good:
I’m so stoked for the Monarch Titan. I think some of the content feels mediocre in comparison to the DLC that’s come before it, especially Chicken Tone, but only time will tell.

I wish we could get more original maps like Glitch, but that doesn’t mean I’m not excited for Relic. I am deeply worried, however, about how a Titan like Monarch, based purely around survivability, will push the Meta. After the initial splurge of 100% Monarch games, I think she could start to pose problems.

I also wish she could have been Doctor Missus The Monarch instead of just the Monarch.

No, the voice doesn't bother me, baby.

LZ, you get the last words, close us out.

LZ Schneider:
The fact that we are finally receiving Titan bolstering gameplay DLC for Titanfall 2 is enough for me to jump around in my jamjams and do a little dance. I won't do that because I am sick, but you get the idea: this DLC looks to bring some of the love of TF1 into TF2. I hope to see you guys on TF2 when the DLC drops next Tuesday on Xbox One, PS4, and PC.


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