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Plus Minus Infinity is a video game review website. Our goal is to provide our take on your favorite (and not so favorite) video games in an honest, humorous way. What we lack in journalistic cliché, we make up for with a sporadic posting schedule.

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My name is Caleb Woods and I began writing reviews of video games and movies on Facebook for giggles. A few of my friends suggested that I should create a site for review writing so I've done just that with Plus Minus Infinity. By day I am an assistant facilities manager, but by nightfall I am a prestigious internet blogger.

It's a real bad boy lifestyle that isn't fit to everyone, which is why most times I run this place alone. But every blue moon, a chosen few stand up and lend a hand around here, each more cherished than the last. They, in no particular order, are...

Hermes the Good

Nicole Addison
A hero of PMI, Nicole lends her editing prowess from time to time and is quite good at it as you can see. To request her to help your writing sound as good as it does in your head, you can reach her on Facebook.

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